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About Rising Star Editing

You've written your book. What's next? Your book is meant to be informative, enjoyable, or captivating, The last thing you want is for your readers to come to abrupt stops due to errors.
At Rising Star Editing, a fresh set of eyes fact-checks; finds and corrects punctuation, grammar, and formatting errors; and identifies plot inconsistencies, ensuring your professional documents are clear of distracting mistakes. RSE offers proofreading services for creative, business, and other writing projects in the Pacific NW and beyond.
Hiring an external resource results in finding mistakes and inaccuracies that might be too familiar for internal resources to notice.
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Why Creative Writers Hire Rising Star Editing

The belief that authors emerge from their writing with perfect completed manuscripts is a fairy tale. The writing may be a one-person job. However, professional book editors are crucial partners in the journey to the final goal: publication. Rising Star Editing has the knowledge, talent, and revision skills to help transform your rough draft into a polished novel.
When you're putting out a product that is to be enjoyed and judged, the last thing you want someone to find is a typo - or two. Those bad reviews of 'should have hired an editor' never go away and may kill sales. And, even though people are becoming more tolerant of typos, you don't want to come across as unprofessional.


Why Businesses Hire Rising Star Editing


Accuracy is vitally important in business documents, whether it's a sales brochure, an annual report, or a message for distribution to employees.
Hiring an external resource is helpful for finding mistakes and inaccuracies that might be overlooked. RSE fact-checks, as well as finds and corrects punctuation, grammar, and formatting errors, ensuring your professional documents are clear of distracting mistakes.

Why Choose Rising Star Editing

Working Together

Collaborating with you, ensuring the end product is well written and accurate while remaining true to your message.

Helping Launch Creative Writers

Rising Star Editing takes delight in helping new writers launch their creations.


Proofreading services for businesses and individuals.

Access to Resources

RSE is proficient with online resources and fact-checking to ensure your manuscript or business documents are credible.

Years of Business Experience

Years of business experience help polish presentations to portray your company's competency and professionalism.

Completing Projects on Time

Helping businesses complete important corporate and business documents on time and on budget.


“I’ve used Rising Star Editing for some of my business announcements on LinkedIn. I was able to get better copy and more results.”

Mark Kembel

CEO & President of A.I. Developer+

"Rising Star Editing has become a valued member of my writing team, always treating me with courtesy and respect while addressing everything from the smallest details to the largest concepts."

Mary Wasche

Journalist, Screenwriter, and Author

“Jesica at Rising Star Editing found and advised me of errors including a misspelling in the title on the book cover. And, this was after I had used another editor.”

Bill Montgomery

Author of Attacking Adversity



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